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Attestation Protocol

The Attestation Protocol is the core module of the Blobaa project and lets you create and verify verifiable trust chains.
You can find a reference implementation within the attestation-protocol-ts repository.



The Claim module, in combination with the Attestation Protocol, lets you create claim based authentication systems.
You can find a reference implementation within the claim-ts repository.



Travel Draw

The Travel Draw demo demonstrates a server/client authentication mechanism in which a client verifies the authenticity of a set of data created on the server in addition to the identity of that server. In a second step, the client responds with a subset of certified data. This data is then verified by the server, resulting in bi-directional authentication.


Website Authentication

The Website Authentication demo shows the Blobaa project as an additional security mechanism for website authentication. A server signed QR Code containing the domain as payload is shown on the website in question. A website visitor (the user) then scans the QR Code with the Blobaa app. The app verifies the authenticity of the QR Code data and shows the authentic domain (the one in the QR Code) to the user. He or she can then compare the domain of the website with the one shown in the app and verify that he or she is visiting an authentic website.


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